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Y 2 Management, LLC is a company that provides professional and personal image consulting, artist development and management, hospitality services, and special event productions. Our wide array of services benefit the client and their project from concept to fulfillment.

Y 2 Management’s expertise has developed over time by watching, studying, and analyzing how certain individuals succeed and fail within the entertainment industry. Realizing that there is no magic formula guaranteeing success, Y 2 Management has come to the conclusion that there must be something else that separates successful talent from those who do not connect with the public. Our answer is business savvy. Y 2 Management is comprised of knowledgeable individuals who have experience, drive, and connections. Y 2 Management makes it our duty to attract an ever-growing group of stars and provide them with proven tactics and strategies that are utilized by record labels, agencies and industry professionals. Inevitably, the deciding factor is whether the artist is on top of their game, both artistically and professionally. It is essential for Y 2 Management to create a balance so that our client can establish a lasting reputation.

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Artist & Music Business Consulting
Talent & Artist/Entertainment
Securing/managing records & marketing execution
Project Budgeting
Coordinate with essential personnel & conducting site visits

Managing & setting up materials for venue & event production




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